CO2 Refrigeration System for the V-21

Go GREEN and help save the Ozone Layer!

Liquid carbon dioxide (R744), the environmentally-friendly refrigerant of the future, operates more efficiently than industry standard R134a refrigerant (see table below) and is non-ozone depleting, non-toxic, and non-flammable.

  • Refrigeration unit contains R744 (carbon dioxide).
  • Does NOT deplete the Ozone layer.
  • Reduces risk of Global Warming (GWP = 1).
  • The CO2 refer deck is a direct alternative to the R134a refer deck - both units are installed and operate the same way.

R744 (CO2) Refrigerant vs. R134a Refrigerant over 100 years:

 Refrigerant                                  R744           R134a         
 Ozone Destructive Potential  0  0
 Global Warming Potential  1  1300
 Permission Concentration  5,000ppm  1,000ppm
 Operating Pressure  10MPa  2MPa

CO2 Refrigeration Cassette SPECIFICATIONS:

 Model Number  1185298
 Dimensions - H x W x D    
 18.26" x 12.76" x 17.82"
 (463.80 x 324.04 x 452.63) 
 Refrigerant  R744 - 6oz. (170g) 
 Weight  45 lbs. (20.0 kg) 
 Voltage  115-120V (-10% - +10%), 60Hz     
 Input  115V AC (530W**)
 Current  115V AC (6.8 A) 
 Cooling Capacity  115VAC (570W**) 
 Noise      55dB[A] (1m)
 Control  VMC
 Defrost  Off cycle defrost (timer)
** Under stabilization at 32ºC

NOTE: Due to its high operating pressure, the CO2 refrigeration deck should only be serviced by a technition that has been trained in the operation of carbon dioxide refrigeration cassettes.

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CO2 Refrigeration Cassette

CO2 Refrigeration Cassette

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