Impulse Series – Refrigerated Showcase (RSC Equipment Line)

The RSC Equipment Line is a series of new joinable Open Air Showcases that will provide the most advanced features and flexibility ever available in the open air showcase market.
  • Shelf Configurations (7 - 14): Increase product capacity with multiple shelf configurations. The RSC3 & 4 come with 7 adjustable glass shelves and the RSC6 comes with 14 (7 per side). Top 5 shelves can be tilted. Metal shelves and peg rack options available.
  • Refrigeration System: Holds desired product temperature and seals
    in freshness to extend product life. RSC refrigeration options include both
    remote outdoor condensing systems and top-mount self contained systems.
    Depending on the model, remote options are available with hermetic, scroll,
    or energy saving inverter scroll compressors. Due to the overall combined
    height of the RSC plus condenser, self-contained condensing systems must be
    installed once the showcase has been placed on location.
  • Energy Reducing Auto Defrost: Controller will adapt to environmental
    conditions and perform defrost cycles only when absolutely necessary. A
    typical showcase is programmed to defrost every 2 to 4 hours resulting in 6
    to 12 cycles per day. The RSC performs auto defrost only when required which
    significantly improves product temperature control and reduces energy
  • LED Lighting: LED lighting creates an attractive selling environment while
    reducing energy and maintenance costs.
  • Monitoring Capabilities: The RSC controller uses MODBUS
    communication protocol allowing for on-line monitoring and set-point
    adjustments to be made from a central location using an EMS system.

Read / Monitor
• Ambient temperature
• Evap coil temperature
• Evap air out temperature
• Evap outlet temperature
• Evap outlet pressure
• Defrost cycle

• Temperature set point (within limits)

  • Joinable Design: Allows for a wide variety of unit placement options. The
    RSC can be joined together with other RSC models to create multiple width
  • Product Display: Extended depth and low deck allow for increased storage and product capacity. Low deck creates optimum display space for gallon jugs, milk, juice & 12 or 24 packs of beverages.
  • Whisper Quiet Operation: Evaporator fans and air flow operate at less than 65dB at 4ft so your customers will focus on the product selection and not the sound of the equipment.
  • Meets NSF Tier II Standards: The RSC continues to perform at a higher
    ambient store temperature (80°F). Rest assured that the RSC will perform
    perfectly even on the warmest days.

*Visit the Documents Page under the Support Menu for all available RSC Manuals*


 Model  RSC3   RSC4   RSC6 
 Product Temperature  Maintain product temperature at or below 41ºF
 Environmental Conditions  NSF / ANSI 7 Type II Standard maximum indoor 80ºF, Relative Humidity 54%
 Width  37.9"*  49.9"*  73.5"* 
 * Width -
 When joining multiple RSC models, subtract (1.35" times 2) for the two side
 panels not used between each joined display.
 Depth  36.1"  36.1"  36.1"
 Height  75.6"  75.6"  75.6"
 Structure  Outer/Inner
 Powder coated steel / zinc coated steel
 Insulation  Rigid Insulating Foam
 Color  Internal: Black, External: Black (Optional: White/White available)
 Shelves  7 Shelves  7 Shelves  14 Shelves (7 per side)
 Adjustable powder coated steel frame, glass inserts standard (Optional: metal inserts)
 (3 Amp)
 Fan Motor  ECM high efficiency
 Lighting  LED
 Hermetic direct acting solenoid valve for refrigeration (24V DC)
 Pipe Size of
 Liquid Line  3/8" OD
 Suction Line  5/8" OD
 Refrigerant  R404A standard (Optional: R410A)
 Evaporator  Fin Tube Type
 Expansion Valve  External Equalized Automatic Thermal Expansion Valve
 Controller  Digital programmable controller with Modbus communication protocol
 Casters  (4) 2" Casters
 Drain Pipe Dimension  1.5" NPT Male Connector
 Thermometer  Product Simulation Thermometer
 Internal Volume  20.73 ft³  27.75 ft³  41.46 ft³
 Weight  368 lb.  405 lb.  598 lb.
 Noise  Less than 65 dB at 4 ft
 Agency Approvals  ETL File # 4007858
 ANSI/UL 471, NSF/ANSI Std 7 Type II, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 120, Ed:3

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RSC6 Black (standard)

RSC6 White (optional)

(2) RSC6s Joined for 12ft Showcase

RSC4 Black (standard)

RSC6 Black (standard)


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