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Let SandenVendo America be your one-stop shop for all your Micro Market needs!
We can provide as much or as little support as you require to create the perfect, unique market for your individual location(s). From equipment to security system sourcing to retail kiosks, fixture design, installation and technical support, no location or budget is too big or too small for us to handle. SVA provides a Micro Market with your custom design on your custom budget allowing your profits to soar!

What is a Micro Market?
Micro Markets are open marketplaces that combine the vast product selection and direct browsing experience of a C-Store with the speed and convenience of a vending machine. They are unstaffed, retail food and beverage stores featuring a wide variety of products, self-shopping and unattended self-checkout through use of a payment kiosk. Micro Markets not only enhance the consumer experience by offering full access to products before purchase and multiple item purchases with one transaction, they also offer increased sales volumes over traditional vending routes. Operators benefit from the versatile nature of Micro Markets through added promotional opportunities, pricing flexibility and access to extensive consumer purchase data which makes it easy to customize the product selection to increase sales and keep customers happy!

Some of the Micro Market Equipment/Services Offered by SandenVendo America:
As a manufacturer, SVA can use it's OEM buying power to provide you with a lower price on equipment for your Micro Market.

  • SVA's RD-2 Open Air Cooler with Health Lockout (patent pending) - COMING SOON!
  • Upright Single or Double Door Freezers & Coolers
    • Imbera, Minus Forty, etc.
  • Coffee Machines
  • Security Systems
  • Kiosks
  • Fixture Designs
  • Installation Support
  • Technical Support  


Open Air Refrigerated Showcase with Health Lockout (patent pending) 
Open air coolers out-sell single door reach-in coolers. They allow better product marketing and enhance the fresh food experience. Open air coolers create a grab n' go attraction by removing all entry obstacles (closed doors) which drastically increase impulse sales. These coolers are perfect for salads, sandwiches, fruits and other perishable food products as well as canned or bottled beverages.
RD-2 with Health Lockout
  • The Challenge: Standard open air coolers do not meet Micro Market health regulations requiring a method to restrict access to food products if the cooler's ambient temperature exceeds 41ºF for more than 30 minutes due to the fact that open air coolers have no door or other means of restricting access to food items.

  • The Solution: SVA has developed a patent pending automatic lockout system for the RD-2 four foot remote open air cooler that protects consumers by restricting access to potentially harmful food items should the cooler experience a power outage or maintenance problem lasting longer than 30 minutes. A screen utilizing secure side tracks, a locking mechanism, and a temperature monitoring system with optional remote alert function allows operators to receive the maximum sales benefits of an open air cooler while adhering to the health regulations and safeguards of the industry.


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Micro Markets by SVA

Micro Market example

RD-2 Open Air Cooler w/Health Lockout

Minus Forty Slim Freezer

Minus Forty Freezer

Micro Markets by SVA


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