Inverter Scroll Condensing System

7HP Inverter Scroll Condensing System is capable of operating a standard 4' - 12' open showcase and a standard 10 - 12 door vault cooler with single condensing unit.

  • Energy Savings: 36% energy savings when compared to R22 or R404A condensing systems.
  • ROI: Less than 3 years when combined with high efficiency open air showcase and walk-in vault.
  • CO2 Reduction: Reduces CO2 production by 3.138 tons per year.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Inverter Scroll uses R410A refrigerant which has about half of the global warming potential of other major refrigerants. R410A increases the gross sensible heath capacity which allows for a reduction to the refrigerant pipe. The smaller pipe reduces the amount of refrigerant used.
  • Efficient: R410A condensing units use 10% less refrigerant than R404A units.
  • Reduced Noise Level: Improvements in air flow, rotation speed control of the fan motor and the adoption of the strake fan give the Inverter Scroll the ability to operate at 43.0 - 45.0 dB.
  • Uses Less Space: Inverter Scroll is equipped with air diffusers that allow it to reduce energy costs while preventing short cycle operation even in small spaces.


 Model   VDPMCUxxx
 Refrigeration Ton  3.5 US ton (3.2 ton)
 Suction Pressure Saturation Temp. Range  -4 ~ +50ºF / -20 ~ +10ºC
 Refrigerant  R410A
 Installation Conditions  Outdoor Installation
 Outside air temp. -4 ~ +109ºF / -20 ~ +43ºC
 Power Supply  3-phase 208 - 230V 60Hz
 Power Consumption   8.7 / 8.7 kW
 Operating Current  26.1 / 23.6 A
 Starting Current  15.0 A
 Minimum Circuit Ampacity (MCA)  33 / 30 A
 Maximum Overcurrent Protection (MOCP)  50 / 50 A
 Refrigerating Capacity  17.2 kW
 Compressor  Model  HNK84FB
 Displacement Volume  17.9 m3/min
 Crank Case Heater  51W
 Refrigerant Oil Type  Diamond Freeze MEL32
 Condenser  Fan  Motor Output  110W x 2
 Fan Diameter  19-5/16" (490mm) x 2
 Heat Exchanger  Plate fin tube
 Air Flow Rate  130 m3/min
 Saturation Pressure
 Adjustment Device
 Electronic fan controller
 Liquid Receiver  Capacity  2.8 Gallons (10.6L)
 Fusible Plug  -
 Capacity Control  Inverter Type <34 ~ 100%>
 Startup Method  Inverter startup
 High-pressure-cut Prevention Function  Standard
 Pressure Switch  Standard
 <High pressure: mechanical, low pressure: digital>
 Overcurrent Protection  Standard <47A setting>
 Thermal Switch  -
 Oil Temp. Detection Protection  Standard
 Fuse  Control Circuit  250V 2A x 1, 250V 3A x 1, 250V 6A x 2
 Condenser Fan  -
 Built-In Device  Pressure Gauge  Standard <high pressure>
 Suction Accumulator  -
 Oil Separator  Standard
 Dryer  Standard
 Sight Glass  Standard
 Accessories  Spare Fuse  2A. 3A. 6A
 External Finish  MUNSELL 5Y 8/1
 External Dimensions (H x W X D)  60-1/8" x 46-7/8" x 16-9/16"
 (1526mm x 1190mm x 420mm)
 Weight  Package Weight  419 lb. (190kg)
 Net Weight  397 lb. (180kg)
 Pipe Size  Suction Pipe  7/8" (22.22Smm)
 Liquid Pipe  3/8" (9.52Smm)
 Sound Pressure Level  48 dB (46 A)
 Agency Approvals:
 ANSI/UL 1995, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 236-05
 ETL #3026521

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Inverter Scroll Condenser (Front)

Inverter Scroll Condenser (Open)

Inverter Scroll Condenser (Front)


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