Impulse Series - Refrigerated Display Cases

Equipment That Provides Solutions...

  • Performance - A larger compressor condensing unit increases display case productivity
    • RD-8, RD-2 & RD-3 utilize a 1.25 HP compressor
  • Variety - All refrigerated displays are available with either a Self Contained or Remote condenser
  • Assembly - Two 4 foot sections make field assembly quick and easy (RD-8 only) 
  • Shelf Configurations (6-12) - Increase product capacity with multiple shelf configurations
    • RD-8 provides a total of 12 selling surfaces and over 53 cubic feet of space for excellent product variety
    • RD-2 & RD-3 provide a total of 6 selling surfaces and over 26 cubic feet of product space
  • Lighting - Improved lighting creates an attractive selling environment while showcasing available products
  • Product Display - Glass end plates and two position shelving improve visual presentation and increase "impulse-buy" sales
  • Refrigeration System - Holds desired product temperatures while cold air recirculation system seals in freshness and extends product shelf life
  • Space Saving Design - Versatile design allows for a wide variety of unit placement options
    • RD-8 designed for back to back aisle or wall placement
    • RD-2 & RD-3 designed for back to back aisle, wall, or end-cap display placement
  • Aesthetic Appeal - Scratch resistant, easy to clean surfaces improve display case's visual presentation and keep it looking better, longer.
    • Increased point-of-purchase sales advertising space for custom graphics, menu boards, or logos.
    • Price-rail advertising space available for extra product information or special offers.

*Visit the Documents Page under the Support Menu for all available RD Manuals*


 Model  RD-8
 Product Temperature  Below 40ºF
 Environmental Conditions  Indoor 75ºF, 55% relative humidity, max air velocity = 60ft/min
 Height  75.52"  75.52"  75.52"  75.52"
 Width  97.55"  45.67"  97.55"  45.67"
 Depth  27.56"  27.56"  27.56"  27.56"
 Structure  Outer Box  Glass & baked acrylic resin finish on electrolytic zinc-coated steel
 Inner Box  Baked acrylic resin finish on electrolytic zinc-coated steel
 Insulation  Rigid polyurethane foam
 Shelves (10.6" depth)  12  6  12  6
 Electrical Parts
 115V 60Hz 1-
 Fan Motor
 6 Watts, 3 each (each section)
 Lighting  25 Watts, 0.39 Amp (each section)
 Controller  12VAC 16A 2HP 250VAC
 Electrical Parts
 230V 60Hz
 (2) 1.25HP, 10Amp
 (Total = 20Amp)
 (2) 1.25HP, 10Amp
 (Total = 20Amp)
 Input Voltage
 208-253V 1-Phase
 Buck & Boost Transformer required when voltage is below 208VAC or
 above 253VAC
 Refrigerant (HFC-404A - 3 lbs)  Pre-charged  Pre-charged  Charged  Charged
 Evaporator  Fin-tube type
 Expansion Valve  Internally Equalized Automatic Thermal -Expansion Valve
 Solenoid Valve  Hermetic Direct Acting Solenoid Valve for Refrigeration
 Thermostat  Electronic-Defrost on Demand (10 ~ 30 min every 2 hours)
 Drain Pipe Dimensions  1.25" Copper Tube
 Internal Volume  53.3 ft³  26.4 ft³  53.3 ft³  26.4 ft³
 Weight  808 lbs  468 lbs  808 lbs  468 lbs
 Noise  Less than 65 dB at 3.3 ft
 Agency Approvals  C-UL-US, UL NSF
 Top Shelf Tilt  7.5º
 Color  Black (standard)
 Beige or White (optional)

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Black RD-8 (standard)

Black RD-2 / RD-3 (Standard)

Beige RD-8 (optional color)

Beige RD-2 / RD-3 (optional color)

Black RD-8 (standard)


    For more information or assistance, call SVA Technical Service at 800-344-7216 x9935.
    Supply Voltage Below 208VAC
    Some areas where the Rd showcase is being installed may be suffering from a "low voltage" condition. Min NO load line voltage is 208VAC single phase. With supply voltage below 208VAC, 2 potential problems may arise: 1). high current draw of the compressor causing windings to short and other electrical components, 2). fan motor running below RPM specification. 

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